Roll Cage Kit

Simply the best custom roll cage kit on the market for your SpecMiata. Engineered for safety while taking into account overall weight and ease of entry and exit.



Price includes shipping to your door in the continental US.  $965.00 for the V4 cage kit and $100.00 shipping special.  Shipping via UPS Ground for this package costs $155.00 due to its oversize nature and weight of the box.  You save $55.00 with the current shipping special.  Ships UPS Ground only.

Want to add the Spec Suspension kit?  Normal price on the suspension kit is $1,500.00 plus shipping.  If you add it to your cage order you can get the suspension kit with Fat Cat Spacers for $1,400.00 shipped in the continental US for a savings of $150.00 off of the retail price.  If you want to add the Spec Suspension kit select it from the drop down list.



  • Lightweight weld in kit. Approximately 100lbs.
  • Landing perches, 14 gussets and landing plates all included.
  • Partially notched. 11 of the tubes are pre notched.  These will be tubes that are in a straight plane with a straight notch.
  • Computer controlled bending ensuring accurate bends every time.
  • Comes complete with 30 page installation guide with over 55 pictures.
  • Every piece is marked with a part # that corresponds to the installation guide and 3 seperate full page schematics within the guide.
  • Front down tubes are located behind the dash and allow for dash removal after installation.
  • Main Hoop gets installed to perches on the floor that connect the rocker panel, floor and rear tub of the car not to the upper package tray.
  • Rear down tubes land next to shock mounts.
  • When installed properly less than 1/4 inch of clearance to roof allowing for more head room for taller drivers.
  • Includes Nascar door bars on both drivers and passenger sides installed at an angle that provide the driver with added safety in the event of a side impact.
  • Allows for stock passenger seat to be reinstalled once complete.
  • Includes concealed dash bar that is very high up in the car.  Beware of low bars that can hurt you in the event of a roll over accident.
  • After complete installation dash is still removable in one piece.
  • Includes tubes and plates that connect front down tubes to the firewall.
  • Additional tubes available ($65.00) to X brace rear down tubes.
  • Kill Switch Plate for passenger side main hoop area.
  • Only round front perch in the industry. Laser cut to fit the rocker panel perfectly.  You do not need to make any modifications to this perch during the install process at all.  This cuts out roughly a half hour per side during installation.
  • Typical installation time is 18 to 20 hours for one person with some fabrication skills.


*  The Orange caged car in some of the pictures has additional tube gussets (4) and (2) taco gussets that are not included in the standard roll cage kit, but are available as options.

** We now make a .120 wall version which is required for the Lemons race series.  This adds expense to the material as well as weight for the shipping, so the $225.00 increase will cover both the material and the shipping differences.  Given the weight of this product it has to be shipped via truck on a pallet as it exceeds UPS's weight handling capabilities. You can choose the Lemons version by selecting the drop down below.



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