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Picture of Door Pulls

Door Pulls

Fireproof adjustable Kevlar door pulls for your 1990 - 2000 SpecMiata.
$135.00 $125.00
Picture of ESS Fire Suppression System

ESS Fire Suppression System

This is a Non-Toxic, odorless, environmentally safe fire suppression system, that is biodegradable and leaves no residue. It gives off no toxic fumes and is harmless to the skin and eyes. This is the perfect solution for the SpecMiata!
Picture of Fire Plates

Fire Plates

Aluminum block off plates for the stock Miata soft top mounting towers. Laser cut for precision and anodized they look great in the car and are easy to install.
Picture of Floor Pan Grip Tape

Floor Pan Grip Tape

Custom cut, aluminum backed super sticky grip tape for your footwell.
$35.00 $30.00

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