Build Packages

MiataCage is proud to offer build packages to help you in building your SpecMiata or Spec MX5.  By purchasing the items in a package you can save significant money compared to the individual retail prices.  We offer the best products for your SpecMiata and Spec MX5 on the market today and are the standard for roll cages.   


Over the years we have put together most all of the parts needed to build a SpecMiata.  Instead of buying a bunch of parts from multiple sources we can supply those parts like suspension kits, clutches, brake lines and all the other parts needed for your build all for a package price cheaper than you would pay by going through multiple locations.  


MiataCage is locaed in the state of Oregon which has no sales tax.  Given the size of our company we currently do not need to charge you any sales tax.


The best path forward is to send an e-mail to with the items you are interested in purchasing in a package.  A package would consist of a cage kit and multiple items. 


Thank you!