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Complete Builds

MiataCage.Com is now providing complete turn key builds.  We have 3 pre-set levels of builds available or we can custom build you a SpecMiata to your exact specifications.  Since 2000 we have been building, servicing and racing SpecMiata's and have numerous Divisional Titles at the National level, several regional championships, numerous track records in and out of division up and down the Western half of the US as well as a Win at the longest endurance race in North America the 25 Hours of Thnderhill.

There are several fast people building race cars around the country, but just because one person is fast does not mean they build the best car, a safe car or will make you fast.  Since 2000 we have sold over 1000 roll cage kits and are tne leading supplier for roll cage kits and parts for a SpecMiata.  We have partnered with all the right people to come up with the very best build package available.  

If you look at our product lineup we are not simply reselling a bunch of parts.  We design, engineer and test parts and only sell what we use.  From our Roll Cage Design,  Carbon Fiber SpecMiata Seat to our Adjustable Drop Links, to our innovative Seat Back Brace and our Extrication and Testing car, no one else in the SM community has the dedication to designing and building the best safest parts in the class like we do.  Sure there are several people selling cheap inferior and in many cases illegal product but that does not make them the best destination for your SpecMiata build.  

We are currenlty offering 3 turn key builds we are offering.  

  • Basic SpecMiata Build - Starting at $15,000.00
  • Deluxe SpexMiata Build - Starting at $25,000.00
  • Signature Series SpecMiata Build - Starting at $40,000.00

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Picture of Basic SpecMiata Build

Basic SpecMiata Build

The MiataCage SpecMiata Basic Build Package. This will get you a track worth safe and reliable car for track days and schools. With minor upgrades like stickers and a transponder you could race this car.
Picture of Deluxe SpecMiata Build

Deluxe SpecMiata Build